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Roots Of Creation Massage was an idea put into motion in 2010. It began as a room in the home of the founder, Christine Quattrocchi, and quickly grew into what it is today, a passion. Aside from it holding memorial to a fun and upbeat Reggae song, Roots Of Creation holds many other meanings to the business. Our "Roots Of Creation" have been known and documented to have used Massage Therapy as a primary source of healing dating as far back as 2700 BC. WOW! Also, sometimes something as common as insomnia can be "Rooted" back to specific areas of tension or an energy imbalance, both of which can be adjusted with a form of Massage Therapy. Roots of Creation was introduced as an individual's moment of serenity, to address any discomfort and to induce peace and relaxation in loving, healing hands. 

Roots Of Creation Massage also believes in giving back to the community. Christine has participated in many charity events and voluntarily shares her time, energy and knowledge with organizations like Juvenile Diabetes and The Multiple Sclerosis Challenge. Roots Of Creation will be volunteering for many new events in the future. Where would you like to see us?

Massage Therapy is beneficial for an endless amount of reasons. If you are new to massage, here are some benefits to consider: Pain relief; temporarily reduce blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety; increase the flow of lymph (enhancing immunity); improving sleep; increasing Range Of Motion; increasing joint flexibility; reduce muscle spasms and cramping; release endorphins and amino acids that work as the body's natural pain killer (releasing dependent of pharmaceuticals); relieve migraine pain; rid the body of toxins and many, many more.

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